June 3, 2004: “The Farm Cooperatives’ Crisis”
May 6, 2004: Field Trip (The Walter Biddle Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences & Harrilton House in Bryn Mawr, PA)
April 1, 2004: “Issues Confronting Farmers, Agribusinesses and Consumers”
March 4, 2004: “Polish Agriculture”
February 5, 2004: “Farmland Preservation in Delaware”
January 8, 2004: “Agricultural and Regional Issues under Consideration by Congress”
December 4, 2003: “Challenges and Opportunities for the Dairy Farmer”
November 6, 2003: “Homeland Security for the Agricultural Community”
October 2, 2003: Field Trip (Crossing Vineyards)
September 4, 2003: “The Horse Industry of New Jersey”

June 5, 2003: “Farm Tractor Milestones in the 20th Century”
May 8, 2003: Field Trip (Longwood Gardens)
April 3, 2003: “Agriculture Aims to Reduce Chesapeake Bay Pollution”
March 6, 2003: “Keeping Pennsylvania’s Food Products Safe”
February 6, 2003: “Value Added to Agricultural Product”
January 9, 2003: “Animal Cloning and Stem Cell Research”
December 5, 2002: Meeting Cancelled
November 7, 2002: “Approaching Sustainability in Forestry”
October 3, 2002: Field Trip (Bend-in-the-Creek Farm near Middleburg, PA)
September 5, 2002: “Forces, Trends and Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology”

June 6, 2002: Field Trip (Big Brown Trout Hatchery)
May 2, 2002: “Greenhouse, Controlled Atmosphere”
April 4, 2002: “Brazil – The Competitor We Cannot Ignore”
March 7, 2002: “Remote Sensing for Agriculture – The Application of Satellite Technology in the 21st Century”
February 7, 2002: “U.S. Energy Policy and Ethanol’s Future”
January 3, 2002: “Farmland Protection and Putting Conservation at the Heart of Farm Policy”
December 6, 2001: “New Jersey Agriculture and the Marketing of Its Products”
November 1, 2001: “Progress with Animal Diseases – Lyme, West Nile, Et Al.”
September 6, 2001: “Changes in Northeast Agriculture and the Changes in Agriculture Business Perspectives”

June 7, 2001: “Great Debate on GMOs”
April 5, 2001: “Pioneering in the 21st Century”
March 1, 2001: “Future Pharming”
February 1, 2001: “How to Fix Farm Policy”
January 4, 2001: “E-Commerce – Selling Produce on the Internet”
December 7, 2000: “Agriculture and Source Water Protection in the Philadelphia Region”
November 2, 2000: “Biotechnology in Agriculture: The Science, The Benefits, The Issues”
October 5, 2000: Field Trip (C.P. Yeatman & Sons, Inc.)
September 7, 2000: “GIS – Its Applications and Use for Agriculture and Land Use Planning”

May 4, 2000: “Effect of Declining Bee Populations on Agriculture”
March 2, 2000: “400 Years of Agriculture in Chester County”
February 3, 2000: “Pennsylvania Horticultural Society – New Fields to Cultivate”
November 4, 1999: “Farm Animal Welfare – Fact of Fantasy, Science or Subjectivity?”
September 9, 1999: “Reasons for Optimism in Agriculture – Growing Your Morale”



Jan 7: Harry Caldwell, US Department of Transportation: impact of distribution and transportation policies on US trade

Feb 4: Peter Issac, leading world expert on Llamas from Scotland: “The Llama in Modern Agriculture Society”

Feb: Adrian Morrison: requests that the PSPA endorse the petition concerning animal rights terrorism that the National Animal Interest Alliance will present to the US Senate Judiciary Committee

March 4: Elizabeth Mosimann and Dr. Michael T. Ryan: “The PSPA Historical Library: Old Books for a New Age”

April 8: Randy Gray, Nature Conservancy: an overview of the Conservancy and how they work with other agricultural interests in Pennsylvania and the US

May 6: Field trip to New Jersey race horse breeding farms: Walnridge Farm, Perratti Farms, Showplace Farm, Freehold Race

June 3: Phillip Weber, President and CEO for Farm Family Life Insurance Company: “What’s ahead for agriculture in risk management and financing,” recipient of national recognition for leadership in insurance agency management

Sept 9: Laurie A. Richards, President of Richards Associates: “Reasons for Optimism in Agriculture: Growing Your Morale.” Authored “Thinking Outside the Boundaries,” Making Meetings Produce, How to Speak Without Fear

Oct 7: Field Trip: Philadelphia Food Distribution Center, host Frank Weichec, President of Hunter Brothers

Nov 4: Dr. Ian Duncan, Professor of Ethology and University Chair in Animal Welfare, University of Guelph (Canada): “Farm Animal Welfare: Fact or Fantasy, Science or Subjectivity?”

Dec 2: Dixie Swensen, Executive Director of the Schuykill River Greenway Association: “Schuykill River Corridor: Five County Program and its Relationship to Agriculture”



Jan 8: Marcia Taylor, Editor of Top Producer Magazine, former Washington Bureau for Farm Journal: “The Next Generation of Farmers”

Feb 5: Robert D. Steele, Dean of Penn State’s College of Agriculture Sciences, national known researcher in nutritional sciences: “Changing Agricultural Education”

March 5: Hans W. Becherer, chairman and CEO of Deere & Company, leading producer of agricultural, industrial, and grounds care equipment, and provider of credit, insurance, and managed health care products for business and the general public: “The Revolution in Farm Technology,” company will receive medal

April 2: Danny McKinney, CEO of Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association in Lexington: The Future of Tobacco

May 7: Field Trip to Amish Country

June 4: Greg Romano, Executive Director of the New Jersey Agriculture Development Committee, member of the committee which drafted the NJ Farm Preservation Law and the NJ Right to Farm Law: on Farmland Preservation

Sept 10: E. Eugene Gantz, Senior VP for Marketing and Public Relations of Rain and
Hail Insurances, the leading national crop insurance underwriting corporations:
“Risk Management on the Farm in the 21st Century”
Too costly to include email addresses in directory

Oct : Field Trip: Fitz Dixon’s: Erdenhein Farm, a farm that borders on a major city
Quaker Valley Farmers guests

Nov 5: Hon. Samuel Hayes, PA Secretary of Agriculture: “Delaware Valley Farming– 2000 and Beyond”

Dec 3: John M. Urbanchuk, Executive VP of AUS Consultants: “The World-Wide Future of Agriculture Economics”

Dec: Dr. Mark Allam PSPA Library Fund, dedicated to computer cataloging, archival restoration, and the occasional purchase of books



Jan 9: Dr. Roy Pollack, VP of Pfizer Research, Animal Health Division: “Challenges in Animal Health for the 21st Century”

Feb 6: James S. Herr, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Herr Foods, named Outstanding Pennsylvania Businessman of the year by the Small Business Association

March 6: Ambassador Clayton Yeutter, Counsel to Hogan & Harston, one of the nation’s largest law firms, Secretary of Agriculture under Bush and one-time Republican National Chairman: “Volatility in Agriculture”

April 3: Dr. Natalie Hubbard, Supervisor in the duPont Agriculture Products Biotechnology Business at the Stine-Haskell Research Center: current advances in Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering

May 1: Field Trip to Fort Mifflin, pre-revolutionary fort on the Delaware, destroyed by British and rebuilt and retained as part of the coastal defense system into 20th century; speaker author/historian Roger Swartz: “The Challenge of 18thg Century Farming”

June 5: Mike Genuardi from Genuardi Supermarkets, manager of Produce, Floral, and Salad Bar Operations: “Produce Retailing: Where it was; Where it is, and Where It is Going”

Sept 4: August Schumacher Jr. Undersecretary of Agriculture, in first official speech as the key trade and farm program official of the Department of Agriculture
[70 members and guest attended]

Oct 2: The Chesapeake Farms: four farming systems, on-farm researching, demonstrations, and education on agricultural practices that are productive, profitable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable
Remington Farms owned by The Remington Arms Co, with excellent collection of antique firearms

Nov 6: Dr.Karen Glotfelty, Maurice Goddard Chair, Dept of Forestry, Penn State: “Total Resource Management for Farmers, including the deer problem, water quality, and forestry management”



Feb 1: Donald E. Evans, Assoc. Prof. Agricultural and Extension Education, Penn State; David L. Kantner, Assistant to the Regional Director, Southeast Region, Penn State Cooperative Extension Service; Nick T. Place, County Extension Director, Susquehanna County: “Agricultural Extension Reform: The Polish Model”

March 7: Dr. Dale E. Hathaway, Director and Senior Fellow, National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy: “The Four Revolutions Transforming World Agricultural Trade”

May: Field Trip: Mason-Dixon Farms, one of the largest and most modern dairy farms in the Northeast

June 6: Dr. James Ferguson, Associate Prof of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Charles Ramberg, Prof of Nutrition, Dr. David T. Galligan, at the School of Veterinary Medicine, New Bolton Center: “Economic Developments of Veterinary Medicine”

Oct 3: Field Trip: Renault Winery; Rutgers Cranberry Research Center; Haines & Haines Cranberry Operation

Nov 7: Eduardo Santos, agricultural expert from the Chilean Embassy: “Recent Achievements in Chilean Agriculture,” research subject for APhD/ AThe US Agriculture System and World Trade

Dec 5: Dennis T. Avery, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Indianapolis Indiana and Director of The Center for Global Foods Issues; former senior agricultural analyst for the US Department of State: “Global Food Issues”



Jan 5: Dr. James W, Dunn, Prof of Agricultural Economics in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Penn State and former Congressional Fellow in the office of Senator Rick Santorum: “The Political Economy of Farm Policy”

March 2

April 6

Sept 7: Field Trip: University of Delaware

Oct 5: Dr. Margaret Skinner, Research Assistant Prof with partial responsibility for Extension Entomology
Dr. Bruce L. Parker, Prof of Entomology and Director of the Entomology Research Lab at the University of Vermont
“Pear Thrips: A New Pest in our Northeastern Forests”

Dec 7



Jan 6: Dr. Paul Waggoner, Director Emeritus, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station: “Projected Global Climate Changes and Their Effects on US Agriculture”

Dr. Waggoner was chair of a group appointed by the Counsel for Agriculture Science and Technology to make a special study of this topic

Feb 3: Mr. Ralph E. Grossi, Pres of the American Farmland Trust, a national nonprofit organization working to stop the loss of productive farmland and to promote farming practices that lead to a healthy environment: “Activities and Goals of the American Farmland Trust”

May 5

June 2

June 16: Field Trip: Delaware Valley College

Oct 6

Nov 3

Dec 1



Jan 7: Mr. Alan Musselman, Executive Director fo the Lancaster Farmland Trust: “Local Model Land Protection, including conservation easements”

Feb 4: Mr. Gerald Hansler, Executive Director, Delaware River Basin Commission, West Trenton, NJ, previously Regional Administrator of EPA in charge of New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands: “Water Quality”

March 4: Dr. Donald Abt, Director, Laboratory of Aquatic Animal Medicine and Pathology, Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole, MA: “Mariculture: An Emerging Source of Nutrients”

April 1: Vox Populi Meeting: an opportunity for everyone to present ideas with respect to ways in which the Society can be improved (that is, increase membership, increase attendance, increase activity)

May 9: Biotechnology Panel
Dr. John Wolf, Assistant Prof of Pathology, Penn: “Laymen’s View of Biotechnology”
Dr. Wendy Smith, Research Leader, Plant Biotechnology, American Cyanamid Company, Princeton, NJ: “The Application of Biotechnology to Plant Agriculture”
Dr. Franklin M. Loew, Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts: “The Application of Biotechnology to Animal Agriculture”

June 3: Field Trip to New Jersey State Aquarium st Camden

Sept 9: Van Pelt Library, exhibition of PSPA material and Elizabeth Mosimann on the history of the library: “Treasures of the Sun”
Oct 7: Dr. Donald Evans, Assistant Dean of Agriculture, Penn State: “Development of an Agricultural Extension Service in Poland”
Edward Piszek, former owner of Mrs. Paul’s Kitchens: “Transition of Polish Agriculture to a Market Driven Economy”

Nov 4: Field Trip: water quality programs in the watersheds of the King Ranch Area; Herr’s Potato Chip Plant, Herr Beef farm where 650 cattle are fed potato skins; Wilkinson Farms

Dec 1: letter to Society soliciting contributions to the endowment, now over $85,000. William Beverly Murphy made original contribution of $50,000 towards goal of $100,000

Dec 3: Panel discussion of Wetlands: the university, the government, the farmer
Dr. Joan Ehrenfeld from Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers
Mr. Robert Wolcott, Division Director, Water and Agriculture Policy Division, EPA
Mr. John Hosemann, Chief Economist for the American Farm Bureau



Jan 9: “Developments in Waste Management Alternative for Land Resources”

Dr. Dale E. Baker, Emeritus Prof, Soil Science, Penn State and President, Land Management Decisions, Inc.

Feb 6: Dr. Lowell L. Wilson, Penn State: “Animal Agriculture: Its Role in Human Nutrition and Efficient Utilization of Agricultural Crops”

March 5: Dr. G. W. Bird, Director-sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, USDA: “Sustainable Agriculture and the 1990 Farm Bill”

April 2: Dr. William Lacy, Dean, Department of Sociology, Penn State: “Are Agriculture Education Programs Adequate to Meet the Needs of a Sustainable Agriculture?”

May 7: Dr. Don Paarlberg, Prof Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, Purdue: “Impact of Foreign and Domestic Agricultural Subsidies on US Food Production and Food Costs.” Pro Paarlberg was Coordinator of the Food-for-Peace Program under Eisenhower, Nixon and Ford

June 4: Field trip to Godiva Chocolate

Sept 24: Field Trip to farm of Dutch Reeve, speaker: Dr. Roger Wyse on problems and opportunities of farming in urban NJ and Pennsylvania

Oct: Joint Oct/Nov meeting

Oct 29: Panel on Government Subsidies
Moderator, Dr. Robert D. Yonkers, Department of Agricultural Economics, Penn State: “Government Involvement in Agriculture: Some Whys and Hows”
Dr. Wayne Rasmussen, USDA retired: “History of Agricultural Subsidies in the US”
Mr. Robert Vaughn, General Manager, Maryland-Virginia Milk Coop: “Negative Role of Government Programs in the Dairy Industry”
Dr. Paul Hand, Economist, Secretary and General Manager, Atlantic Dairy
Cooperative: “Positive Role of Government Programs in the Dairy Industry”
Society medal to W. Beverly Murphy, Richard Waybright, and Dr. Stuart G. Younkin

Dec 3: Bernard Steinweg, Continental Grain Co.: “How the US can Regain its Competitive Edge in Agriculture”



Jan 3: Dr. Clive A. Edwards, Head of the Entomology Department, Ohio State: “The Role of Integrated Pest Management in Low Input Sustainable Agriculture Systems”

Feb 7: Dr. David Pimentel,, Prof in the dept. of Entomology at Cornell, studying the calories of fossil energy consumed on farms; most of fossil energy used on farms is derived from petroleum: “Farm Management Practices for Efficient Energy Use”

March 7: Dr. Frank Humenik, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University and chair of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology task force on agriculture’s involvement in the pollution of US water resources: speaking on Agriculture and Water Quality

April 4: Richard Waybright of Mason-Dixon Farms: “On Farm utilization of Animal Wastes”

May 2: Dr. Glen F. Hoffsis, Head of the Food, Animal Medicine and Surgery Section of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Science at Ohio State: “Quality Assurance on Animal Food Products: Responsible and Safe Use of Pharmaceutical Products in Food Producing Animals”

June 6: Field Trip: New Bolton Center

Sept 9: running at deficit

Sept 10: Field trip: private rockfish rearing facility in Middletown, Delaware; experimental aquaculture facilities at Delaware State College, and University of Delaware Marine Lab, Lewes, Delaware

October 3: Mervin J. Yetley, Staff, House Committee on Agriculture: “Sustainable Agriculture in the 1990 Farm Bill”
Nov 7: Dr. John Mellor, Retired Director, International Food Policy Research Institute: “The Interaction of Technical Change in Agriculture: Poverty, Population Growth and the Environment in Development Countries”

Dec 5: Dr. Sylvan Wittwer, Emeritus Director of the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station: on impact of technology on agriculture; do activists groups impede technological progress by questioning every development (such as the application of DNA technology to agriculture)



Jan 4: Ms. Deborah L. Baly, Department of Nutrition, Rutgers: “Trace Minerals and Human Nutrition”

Feb 1: Dr. Fred Cox, Department of Soils Science, North Carolina State: “Trace Minerals and Crop Productivity”

March 1: Mr. T. Edward Lippy, Lippy Farm, Hampstead MD: “Obtaining High Yields in Farming”

April 5: William P. Moore, Director of Waste Reduction, Waste Management Inc: “Potential for Recycling Certain Waste Products”

May 3: Dr. Alan Stevens, VP of Research and Development at Petoseed Company in Woodland. CA, formerly of Campbell Soup: “A Pragmatic View of the Impact of Biotechnology on Agriculture in the Next Decade”

May 17: Laurel Locks Farm and Schuylkill Navigation Co. Farm

June 7: Field Trip: Blue Mountain Mushroom Farm

Sept 6: Field Trip: Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Rearing Lab
William W. Metterhouse, Director,, Division of Plant Industry, NJ Department of Agriculture: “Biological Control of Plant Pests”

1990/91: “Building a Better Agriculture: Problems of the 90s will be how the industry will be able to maintain its productivity and profitability while minimizing its adverse effects on the environment and natural resources.”

Oct 4: Dr. Neill Schaller, former Director of the Low-Input Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program for USDA and currently Associate Director of the institute for Alternative Agriculture: “Requirements for for a Sustainable Agriculture”

Nov 1: Dr. Lynn D. Hoffman, Sr., Research Associate at the College of Agriculture, Penn State and Superintendent of the Agronomy Research Farm at Penn State: “No Tillage and Reduced Tillage Crop Production.” Concerning equipment evaluation, weed and insect control strategies and fertility management as they pertain to reduced or no tillage crop production

Dec 6: Dr. Harold Reetz Jr., Westcentral Director of the Potash and Phosphate Institute: how fertilization and soil management observations of Herman Warsaw and other innovative farmers in the midwest have helped to provide a basis on which to build a sustainable crop production system.



Jan 5: Dr. Charles W. Abdalla, Assistant Prof of Agricultural Economics, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Penn State: “Agriculture and Groundwater Quality: Emerging Issues and Policies”

Feb 2: Dr. Calvin Sperling, Germ Plasm Bureau, USDA: “Lesser Known Plants of Potential Agricultural Use”

March 2: Dr. Peter Day of Rutgers: “Transition of Products of Biotechnology from Laboratory to Farm”

April 6: Dr. Bernard Easterday, Dean, Veterinary School of the University of Wisconsin: “What’s Ahead in Veterinary Medicine
Scholarship to Saul FFA student

April 29: Delaware Valley College A Day Activities

May 4: Dr. David Pimental, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University: “Potential for Biological Controls to Reduce US Pesticide Use”

June 1: Pennsylvania Power & Light /Company=s facility at Washingtonville, PA
Muncy Farms

Sept 7: Field Trip: Krieder Farm and Restaurant, Manheim, PA

Oct 5: Lester A. DeCoster, VP Tree Farm and Productivity Programs, American Forest Council: “Tree Farming: Its Scope, Problems, and Opportunities”

Nov 2: Mr. Thomas Smith, Program Coordinator, Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory, The Nature Conservancy: “Rare Plants and Animals Native to Pennsylvania”

Dec 7: J. Jack Brennan, Senior VP, Mink Specialties Co, Dundee, IL: “Fur-bearing Animal Farming”



Jan 7: Mr. James Hopkinson, Vice President, PSPA, Congress Hall Independence Park:” Activities of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture 200 Years Ago”

The Hon. Arthur A. Davis, Secretary, Department of Environmental Resources, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: “An Evaluation of Agriculture’s Contribution to Regional Environmental Pollution Problems”

Feb 4: Dr. James W. Pease, Assistant Prof, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Penn State: “Expert Systems: Computer-Based Decision Support for Agricultural Management”

March 3: Dr. Don Paarlberg, Prof Emeritus, Purdue, formerly Coordinator of the Food-for-Peace Program, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture: “Marketing Agricultural Products”

April 7: Dr. Donald Plucknett, world Bank: “Gene Banks and the World’s Food”

May 5: Calvin L. Beale, Economic Research Service, USDA: “Significant Recent Trends in the Demography of Farm People”

June 2: University of Delaware: Soil Testing Lab, Agricultural Engineering Lab, and Clark Garden

Sept 15: Field Trip: Pepperidge Farm

Oct 6: Lane Palmer, Editor Emeritus, Farm Journal: “The Promises and Threat of

Nov 3: Loren Kruse, Managing Editor, Successful Farming Magazine: “Diversified Ideas for Profitable Farming”

Dec 1: John A. Schnittkker, Pres, Schnittker Associates, Washington, D.C., formerly Senior Staff Economist for the President=s Council of Economic Advisors and Undersecretary of Agriculture: “How to Increase Agricultural Exports”



Jan 8: Dr. Charles M. Benbrook, Executive Director Board on Agriculture, National Academy of Sciences: “Government Crop Controls: Is There a Better Way?”

Feb 5: Dr. Kenneth Bergman, Climate analyst of the National Weather Service: “The Southeastern Drought and Its Impact on Agriculture and Hydrology”
March 5: Dr. L. Douglas James, Director, Utah Water Research Lab: “Water Resources Management for Sustained Agricultural Productivity”

April 2: Dr. Julius J. Menn, National Program Leader for Crop Protection and Basic Insect Biology, Agricultural Research, USDA: “Pesticide Resistance: Problem and Challenge to Contemporary Agriculture”

May 7: Dr. C. Richard Amerman (Ph.D. Purdue),National Program Leader for Erosion USDA: “Soil Erosion Problems and Solutions”

June 4: Field Trip: Central Research and Development Center, E.J. DuPont deNemours and Co., Haskell Lab and Stine Lab

May: Glenmede Trust approved matching grant of $24,000 for Library Restoration
(Conservation estimate by Northeast Document Conservation Center in Andover, MA)

Sept 19: Field Trip to DNAP Technology Corporation, Cinnaminson, NJ

Oct 1: Dr. Neil Harl, Charles F. Curtis Distinguished Professor in Agriculture, Iowa State: “Financial Adjustment in US Agriculture: Causes and Possible Solutions”

Nov 5: Forum
Dr. Bruce Gardner, Prof. Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Maryland: “Improving the Economic Health of American Agriculture: Is US Farm Policy Penicillin or Poison?”
Dr. William H. Peterson, Heritage Foundation: “Menage a Trois: Farmer, Politician, and Consumer”

Dec 3: Mr Laurence L. Yager, Extension Marketing Agent, Penn State: “Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing”



Jan 9: Dr. Wayne Hinish, Dean of the School of Agriculture, Penn State, agronomist who will speak on the future of Agriculture in Pennsylvania

Feb 6: Dr. Wayne D. Rasmussen, Chief, Agricultural History Branch, Economic Research Service, USDA: “American Agriculture: 2040 A.D.”

March 6: Dr. Edwin M. Foster, Director, Food Research Institute, Univ of Wisconsin, Madison: “What is a Safe Food Supply?”

April 2: Dr. G. Gale Johnson, Chairman, Dept of Economics, Univ of Chicago: “Successes and Failures of U.S. Gov’t Farm Programs”

May 1: Dr. E.W. Shell, Head of the Dept of Agriculture, Auburn University: “World Aquaculture and the Future of Aquaculture in the USA”

June 4: Field Trip to Morris Arboretum

Sept 4: Field Trip to Mason Dixon Farms, largest producers on the Baltimore Milk Shed
Have methane-generating plant to dispose of the liquid manure

Oct 2: Phillip Alampi, former Secretary of Agriculture for New Jersey (Gold medal award and honorary member): “Urban Expansion and Its Effect on Farming”

Nov 5: Forum: “Critical Concerns of US Agriculture”
Dr. James P. Houck, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economic, University of Minnesota: “Foreign Agricultural Assistance: Ally of Adversary”
Dr. Robert E. Evenson, Department of Economics, Yale: “The Importance of Agricultural Research During a Period of Farm Surpluses”
Dr. William L. Brown, Pioneer Hi-Bred International: “Plant Breeding and Biotechnology”
Dr. Winston J. Brill, VP Agracetus: “Biotechnology and the Future of US Agriculture”
Penn State Dean of Ag: dedicates 1986 Ag Progress Days to PSPA

Dec 4: Dr. Robert J. Eckroade, Head of the Laboratory of Poultry Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine, Penn: “Avian Flue Developments”



Jan 3: Simon Baatz, author, Venerate the Plough

Feb 13: Founders Day Dinner, Union League
John D.F. Green, former pres of Royal Agricultural Society: “Reflections on the Future of British Agriculture”
State and City proclamations

March 7: George DeVault, editor and publisher of The New Farm magazine, representing the Regenerative Agriculture Association
Marjorie Schuyler VanNess nominated for membership, first woman??

April 4: Donald Applegate, Executive Secretary of the New Jersey State Agriculture Development Commission: “Farmland Preservation”
Ruth Patrick Van Dusen nominated for membership
May 2: Howard C. Tankersley, Director, Land Use and Rural Development: “Farmland protection: the Issue and the Act”

June 6: Field Trip to Erdenheim Farm (F.. Eugene Dixon) Joined by Quaker Valley Farmers

Oct 2” Updates on forum

Oct 10: Field trip to Delaware Valley College, host Pres Joshua Feldstein, PSPA member

Nov 6: Bicentennial Forum: Food for the Future
Welcome by Governor Thornburgh
Dr. S.H. Wittwer, Director Emeritus, Michigan State University: “New Technology Needed to Sustain Increased Food Production”
Dr. Lester Brown, Worldwatch Institute: “Conservation and Maintenance of Worldwide Food Production Resources”
Dr. G. Edward Schuh, Vice President, World Bank: “Incentives Needed to Achieve Food Production Goals”
Luncheon Remarks by Mrs. Buncie Ellis Churchill, Ex. Director, World Affairs Council
Hon. He Kang, Minister of Agriculture, People’s Republic of China: “How China Has Managed its Resources in Order to Feed One Billion People”
Dr. Carl K. Eicher, Michigan State University: “An Overview of Food Production Problems in SubSaharan Africa”
Dr. Peter Brumby, Director General, International Livestock Center for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: “Strategies for Solving Animal Production problems of SubSaharan Africa”
Dr. Ermond .H. Hartman, Director General, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria: “Strategies for Solving Crop Production Problems of SubSaharan Africa”

Dec 5: Dr. Stephen Kleinschuster, Dean, Cook College, Rutgers and Director, NJ Agricultural Experiment Station: “Local Farming Conditions in Relation to the World Scene”



Jan 5: Dr. H. Louis Moore, Extension Economist, Penn State: “The World Food Situation”

Feb 2: Ted Amick, Program Specialist National FFA presentation of youth scholarship to outstanding FFA member from Saul

March 1: Curtis Sharp, Plant Specialist, USDA Soil Conservation Service: “Use of Plants in Soil Conservation”

April 5: Ms. Jane Pepper, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society: “The Gardens of Scotland”
May 3: Norman Berg, former Chief of the US Soil Conservation Service and member of the advisory committee of the American Farmland Trust: “Protecting America’s Farmland”

June 4: Field Trip to Snipes Farm and Nursery, Buckingham Valley Vineyards and Winery; picnic at None Such Farms, tour of Yerkes farm business; Willow Ridge Farm

no Sept meeting

Oct 4: Field trip: Bartram’s Gardens

Nov 1: Dr. I. Garth Youngberg, Institute for Alternative Agriculture, Greenbelt, MD

Dec 4: Donnell Marshall: Devices and Designs



Jan 6: Barry Geib, State Treasurer of Pennsylvania Association of FFA, awards to Saul members

Feb 3: Timothy B. Merwarth, part owner of Upstream Farm , near Easton, PA, treas of PA Holstein Assoc, 1982 runner-up for PA outstanding farmer award

Feb 15: funeral of pres S. Forde Hansell

March 3: Richard Siegal, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture: “The Challenge of Soil and Water Conservation for the United States”

April 7: Dr. Samuel H. Smith, Dean of Penn State College of Agriculture ad Director of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station and Director of the Co-operative Extension Service

May 5: Hon. Maurice K. Goddard recipient of award, former Secretary of Forests and Waters, Secretary of the Department of Environmental Resources and Director of the Penn State School of Forestry

June 9: Field trip to Laurel Locks Farm (Donnell and Cornelia Marshall)

Sept 22: Field Trip: Fox Chase Farm (adjacent to Saul High School)

Oct 6: Arthur R. Brown, Jr., Secretary of Agriculture New Jersey: “The Preservation of New Jersey’s Agricultural Heritage”
Letter soliciting $100 from each member for Bicentennial Forum

Nov 3: Frank Wiechec on wholesale marketing

Dec 1: Dr. David S. Kronfeld, Prof of Nutrition,,School of Veterinary Medicine, Penn: “Biotechnology Applications in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Agriculture”
Recent recipient of Outstanding Achievement in Agriculture award from New York Farmers



Jan 6: Barry Geib, State Treasurer of PA-FFA speaker at scholarship dinner

Feb 4: Dr. Richard L. James, Executive Vice President of Schuylkill Valley Nature Center for Environmental Education, Associate Prof of Science Education for Temple University, broadcasts “Environmental News Report and Five-Day Forecast” every Friday on WFLN: topic of talk: “Energy: Myths and Realities”

March 4: Dr. Clifton A, Baile, Prof of Nutrition, Penn Veterinary School, Director of the Wine Program at New Bolton: “Modern Swine Practice”

April 1: Thomas Dolan IV, Natural Resource Consultant investigating impacts of waste discharges and land management practices on aquatic ecosystems: “Looking at Pennsylvania Tomorrow Thru the Commonwealth’s Environmental Master Plan”

May 6: award dinner at Rodebaugh estate, award to William White

Oct 7: Dr. Theodore Hullar, Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell

Nov 4: Jeff Ball of Suburban Homesteaders Inc: “Homesteading”

Dec 2: Roger Mower, Admin, John Bartram Association: “John Bartram: farmer/botanist”



Jan 8: Scholarship award luncheon

Jan 21: Inactive membership status
Drafting a letter to Phil Board of Education in support of Saul High School leasing a farm owned by the city

Feb 5” Alfred M. Campbell III (Mo), partner in MAR-CAM Industries, leading speaker on gasahol marketing: “Gasahol and Alcohol Production; its impact on the farm community and the nation, looking at national security, energy economics and food and fuel production”

March 5: meeting cancelled because of ice storm
April 2: Richard A. Bailey, Bucks county Extension Director: “Bucks County Agriculture”

May 7: award to Norman J. Smith, Cumberland County Ag Agent and prof at Rutgers, responsible for early experiment with drip irrigation and the use of aluminized plastic film to conserve water, reduce soil temperature, and reduce viral disease caused by leafhoppers

June 4: Field trip to George and Emily Diffenback in Wilmington, Delaware and Delaware Museum of Natural History; Dr. Donald Crossan, Dean of AG at Delaware fill speak at lunch

Sept 23: Field trip: to Five Spruce Farm (Ken and Helen Gemmill), 8 varieties of apple trees on five acres, trees are espaliered

Oct 1: Dr. Benjamin Gaylord Brackett, Prof of Animal Reproduction, Department of Clinical Studies at New Bolton and Prof of Research in ObGyn, Department of ObGyn School of Medicine, Univ of Penn: “The Test Tube Calf”

Nov 5: Julianne Street, supplier of fresh herbs to French restaurants, mentioned in Inquirer and New York Times

Dec 3: Dr. Paul Hand, Economist for Interstate Milk Producers Copperative and now General Manager: “Dairy Farming and Marketing Opportunities”



Jan 3: Scholarship award luncheon

Jan 7: scholarship award lunch, speaker will be award winner Doug Hershberger] Where are our cows (paintings)??

Feb 7: Penrose Hallowell, Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

March 6: Richard C. Waybright of Mason-Dixon Farms, family owned since 1750

April 3: James R. Polski, Manager, Operational Planning of GE’s Space Division at Valley Forge: “Landsat-Earth Resources from Space: How examining earth from space can be useful in assessing the yield of crops, locating potential areas of mineral deposits, and monitoring the health of rivers and lakes”

May 1: annual meeting, award to Lloyd E. Partain, one of the foremost conservationists of our time

May 6: Garden party at Rodebaugh estate
June 5: Field trip to Chester County, Conard Pyle, wholesale nursery and C.P. Yeatman & Sons mushroom farm, Phillip’s Place, museum of mushroom memorabilia, and Longwood Gardens

Oct 2: Howard Kellogg on 4 and 2 month trip on Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine

Oct 16: Field trip to Delaware Valley College, to attend dedication of the Kenneth W. And Helen H. Gemmill Center for Animal Husbandry

Nov 6: Norman A. Berg, Chief, Soil Conservation Service, USDA: “What Needs to Be Done to Retain Land in Agriculture”

Dec 4: Lane M. Palmer, ed of Farm Journal: “Is There Really a World Food Crisis?”



Jan 4: Scholarship award luncheon

Feb 1: John T. Carson, pres of John Carson and Associates, Environmental Management firm, author of Recommendations for Wastewater Residual Management; organization Planning & Regulations 1977. Topic: “The Utilization of Composted Sewage Sludge as a Soil Conditioner and Fertilizer”

Feb 27: Dr. L. Wilbur Zimmerman: “Orchid Growing as a Hobby and as a Commercial Venture”

April 5: Miss Terry J. Mushovic, Urban Gardening team, in Jan Philadelphia selected as one of five cities in the US to develop an intensive gardening program, particularly for lower income residents

May: garden party at Rodebaugh estate

May 3: award to Dr. Gordon Cairns retired dean of the College of Agriculture, U of Maryland

June 28: Field trip to Laurel Locks Farm (Donnell Marshall)

Sept 7: Field trip to Shady Brook Farm

October 4: Lester Jones, Pres, Interstate Milk Producers, Chairman of the Board of Quality Control: “Dairy Farming Today”–first in a series featuring “Commercial Agriculture in the Delaware Valley”

Nov 1: William Yerkes, None Such Farm, corn producer: “Farming Here to Stay in Bucks County”

Dec 6 : Joe Way, Montgomery County Agent: “Touring Alaska in a Private Plane”



Jan 5: Scholarship Award luncheon and first “Man of the Year” award, to General Biddle

Feb 2: Dr. William E. McDaniel, Delaware Secretary of Agriculture: “An Analysis of the Background for the American Agricultural Movement”

March 2: Joe Way, Montgomery County Agency: “American Agriculture”

April 6: Field Trip: Duke Gardens, Somerville, NJ

May 4: Award luncheon: Lane Palmer, Editor, Farm Journal: “Successes and Failures in Fifty years of Federal Farm Programs”

May 10: Visit to Rodebaugh Estate

Oct: Field Trip: New Bolton Center

Nov 2: Prof. Paul N. Winn, Jr. Associate Director for Admin., University of Maryland Center for Environment and Estuarine Studies

Dec 6: Field Trip: The Holly Farm in South Jersey and Wheaton Village



Jan 4: Annual scholarship luncheon

Feb 3: Field trip: Saul High School

March 3: Mrs. Edgar Scott: AAn Ayrshire Herd from 1909 to 1977

April 7: Mr. H. G. Cawood, Park Superintendent for the Independence National Historical Park: “The planting philosophy in the park (at PHS)”

May 5: Award luncheon: Dr. John Oswald, Pres of Penn State and expert on principal cereal diseases throughout the world, for service to agriculture

May 10: Garden party at Rodebaugh estate

May 26: Field trip to Andalusia, host, James Biddle, Pres of National Trust for Historic Preservation
June 2: Field trip: Devon Horse Show

Sept 19: R. Alexander Montgomery, co-owner of Ardrossen proposed as member, but not Mrs. Scott

Oct 6: Field trip to Ardrossen

Nov 3: Stan Gates, Superintendent of Fitz Dixon’s Erdenheim Farms, introducing slide show produced by the Pennsylvania Livestock Association: “RFD #1 Pennsylvania”

Dec 1: Dr. Wesley Lamar Harris, Director of the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station: “Agricultural Research in Maryland,” primarily addressing field crops. Author of numerous articles on engineering aspects of our food and fiber system



Feb 5: Henry Mirick architect in firm of Mirick, Pearson, Ilvonen, Batcheler: “A Three Story Suburban Garden”

March 4: Dr. Edward L. Kozicky, Director of Conservation for the Winchester-Western Division of Olin Corporation, authored may articles on Game Management, and conservation of renewable natural resources: “Pride and Land”

April 1: Mr. Christopher Bird, co-author of The Secret Life of Plants

May 7: Award dinner: Norman Reber, Editor Emeritus of The Pennsylvania Farmer

May 14: Tea at Rodebaugh estate

June 3: Field trip: Schuylkill Valley Nature Center

Oct 21: Field trip: The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation Garrett-Williamson Foundation Farm, in Williamson family since 1692

Nov 4: Mrs. Paul Cohen, of Snow Hill, Maryland, former director of Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, breeds one million broilers a year; Mr. And Mrs. Cohen were prime movers in the preservation of Assateague Island

Dec 2: Dr. C. Marshall Ritter, retired prof of pomology at Penn State and Extension specialist in pomology



Jan 2: Scholarship award luncheon

Feb 6: Lane Palmer, editor of Farm Journal: “The World Food Conference”

March 6: Harold Neigh, Consumer Economics Specialist form Penn State: “Can We Feed the World”

April 3: Dr. Aristid Victor Grosse, a specialist in catalytic chemistry of hydrocarbons: “Desert Agriculture,” especially recent scientific breakthroughs which render growing food in the sandy desert a reality

May 2: Award dinner: Dr. Ruth Patrick, Curator and Chairman of the Limnoloogy
Department, Academy of Natural Sciences

May 22: Field Trip to New Bolton Center

Oct 2: Dr. Jay Anderson, Director of The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation

Nov 4: Field Trip to Remington Farms and program there to develop and demonstrate methods for managing wildlife on farmland and Sam Loveland’s Readbourne Farm in Centerville, MD

Dec 4: Donald O. Cunnion, Chief, Marketing Services, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture: “Direct Marketing: Where Is It Going?”