Institutional members can be either for-profit or non-profit companies and institutions that work in the broad areas of food and agricultural commerce, research, education, policy, and many other areas such as organizations promoting farming, the production of food, and wholesale and retail food distribution.

How do Institutional Memberships work? 

For-profit institutional membership costs $500 per year and non-profit memberships cost $160 per year plus a one-time $100 application fee.  Institutional members may send one or more representatives to any PSPA webinar, in-person meeting or field trip.  Attendees will pay the same fees that active individual members pay for in-person meetings or field trips.

Why become an Institutional Member?

Besides all institutional employees having unlimited access to all webinars, future luncheon meetings and field trips at member costs, Institutional members receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition on the PSPA website and in other publications of PSPA for their membership year.
  • Possibly provide a webinar about their company.
  • When in-person meetings occur, institutional members can provide a mini-trade show exhibit during the interaction times before lunches. They can provide information, samples, foods, and drinks (alcoholic drinks require pre-approval).
  • Possibly sponsor a webinar or future luncheon. Promotional information about the company would be on the website, pre-meeting publicity, and webinar and on promotional items at the luncheon.
  • Can recommend individuals within their organization for speakers at our meetings.

How to Become an Institutional Member? 


Simply fill out the membership form below and pay by credit card/PayPal or by check for the amount as noted on the form.  If you pay by check, make out to PSPA and mail to the address listed on the form.

For more information on how you can become an Institutional Member or Sponsor of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture, contact Emory Dabney by clicking here.