For almost 100 years the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture has periodically awarded its prestigious Gold Medal to persons and organizations that have made notable contributions to agriculture and the food system. Consistent with its mission to bring to the forefront agricultural and food system research and innovations, the Gold Medal recognizes those who have made contributions to the well-being of our nation – and the world. Those who have received the prestigious Gold Medal of the Society are honored as leaders in the march toward a better world through agriculture.


Gold Medal Award Winners

Ernest Leland Nixon, Ph.D. Pennsylvania State College. For his work on potatoes.
Miller Freeman Barnes.V.M.D., Pennsylvania State Bureau of Animal Industry. For the diagnosis of Bang​’​s Disease of cattle and for developing a plan for its control.
 Arthur Ulysses Chaney, of New York. For developing the American Cranberry Exchange, the first continuing Cooperative.

Miss Elizabeth Cole White, of Burlington County, New Jersey. A Distinguished Service Certificate for her remarkable development work with blueberries, so largely contributing toward creating a new industry.

John Robins Mohler, W.M.D., M.D. Ph.D., Dean of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. For research on the utilization of nitrogen by plants.

Edwin Stanton Bayard, A.M., of Pittsburgh, Agricultural Editor of influence and independence.

Jacob G. Lipman, M.A., D. SC, Ph.D., Dean of Agriculture and Director of New Jersey Experiment Station.

Floyd Steinmetz Bucher, B.S., of Lancaster County, an extension worker of great merit.

Lt. Col. Clarence James Marshall. For sacrificing personal interest to serve in the School of Veterinary Science at the University fo Pennsylvania for thirty-five years.

Henry William Jeffers of Walker-Gordon Company. For Agricultural Leadership.

Ephraim Tomlinson Gill, of New Jersey. For pioneering in Advanced Registry work with cattle.
Abram Bunn Ross. For Distinguished Service in Agriculture.

Ezra Strickland Deubler. Maker of the first hog cholera serum to be manufactured in Pennsylvania.

George Fisher Curwen. In sincere appreciation of painstaking and eminently satisfactory services, beyond the call of duty, as Secretary of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture over a long period of years.

John Okie. For the publication of the book, ​Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture,, Vol. VI.​

Lester Collins, President of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture for many years. Founder of New Jersey Peach Council and leader in numerous other agricultural interests.

Harry Hayward. Dean and Director of the Delaware Agricultural Experiment Station. A real friend to agriculture and a counselor to youth.

Rodney Howard True. Director of the Morris Arboretum. For contributing a remarkable article contained in ​Memoirs VI.​
Lester Pearson. For being the first to use and to make known in the United States the practical value of the Tuberculin Test for cattle
Henry W. Jeffers. Additional recognition for his outstanding work for the advancement of Agriculture, Dairying, Forestry and Government.

David Burpee. In recognition of his accomplishments in Horticulture and in the production of new and improved varieties of flowers and vegetables.

Selman A. Waksman. Microbiologist, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. In recognition of outstanding service to humanity and of valuable and specific contributions to the knowledge of Medicine, Mycology and Soil Science.

Firman E. Bear. For meritorious work in agronomy, soils, and in all that the delightful title to his talk implied: The Earth is the Lord’s and the Fullness Thereof.

The County Agents of the Agricultural Extension Service. In recognition of their tireless service in bringing to their agricultural communities constant
and invaluable assistance, knowledge and encouragement in the solution on the many problems relating to the soil

Received by Milton S. Eisenhower.

Stevenson W. Fletcher. In recognition of his attainments as a distinguished scholar, writer, historian and horticulturist.
Ezra Taft Benson. Awarded for meritorious service as Secretary of Agriculture in President Eisenhower’s Cabinet.
William L. Henning, Secretary of Agriculture for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, who for 25 years excelled in the realm of Agricultural Education and later as head of the Animal Husbandry Department of the Pennsylvania State University.
William Irving Myers. Dean, New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell University. For outstanding achievements in Agricultural Education and Rural Economics.
William H. Martin. Dean, College of Agriculture, Rutgers University. In recognition of his being an authority on Plant Pathology in the fight
against diseases threatening farm crops and for contributing his knowledge and experience to the War Production Board, The National Research Council, The Federal Security Agencies, and The Hoover Commission.
Byron T. Shaw, Administrator, Agricultural Research Service, USDA. In recognition of outstanding leadership in the field of Agricultural Research.

Vernon D. Northrop, President, Food Distribution Center, Philadelphia. In recognition of his leadership in the cooperative establishment and operation of the world-famous Food Distribution Center.

R. Henry Morris III, Agricultural Research Service, USDA. For distinguished service to agriculture in pioneering a plan to expedite commercial utilization of research.

Wheeler McMillen, Vice-President, Farm Journal, Inc. Chairman of the Board, The Chemurgic Council. Outstanding agricultural journalist and untiring advocate of research to find new uses for farm crops.

Charles B. Shuman, President of the American Farm Bureau Federation.
William Spanton, Chief of Agricultural Service, Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare. For Distinguished Service to Agriculture.
Robert Justus Kleberg, Jr., King Ranch, Kingsville, Texas. In recognition of outstanding contributions in Animal Husbandry.
George M. Worrilow, Dean, School of Agriculture and Vice-President, University of Delaware. In recognition of outstanding contributions in Agricultural Education.
John James Williams, Senior Senator from Delaware. For distinguished service to Agriculture and the Poultry Industry.
Carroll Perry Streeter, Editor of ​Farm Journal.​ For distinguished service to Agriculture and Agricultural Journalism.
Percy Albert Wells, Director, Eastern Utilization Research and Development Division, Agricultural Research Service, USDA. Scientist and Distinguished Leader of Research on Utilization of Farm Products.
Leland Hudson Bull, Secretary of Agriculture, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For distinguished service in the advancement of Agriculture and Agribusiness.
Earl L. Butz, Dean and Vice-President, Purdue University. For distinguished service in the fields of Agriculture, Research and Advanced Education.
Phillip Alampi, Secretary of Agriculture, State of New Jersey. For distinguished service in the fields of Agricultural Education, Government
and Public Relations.
Mark Whittier Allam, Dean of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. For extraordinary contributions to your profession in Education, Agriculture and Public Service.
Edmond H. Fallon, Senior Vice-President and Chief Administrator, Agway, Inc. For distinguished service to farmers and farming in the Northeast.
Amos Kirby, Writer, Editor, Broadcaster, and Historian. For distinguished service to Agriculture.
Marion Clawson, Director of Resources for The Future, Inc. For distinguished service as Agriculturist, Economist, and Writer.
Ruth Patrick, Chief Curator, Department of Limnology, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. For extraordinary contributions to your profession.
Norman F. Reber, ed. Pennsylvania Farmer, honorary county agent, Governor’s Committee for the Preservation of Agriculture. For Distinguished Service to Agriculture as Writer, Editor and Farm Leader.
John Wieland Oswald, President, Pennsylvania State University. For Outstanding Contributions in Agricultural Research, Education and
Public Service.
Lane Palmer, ed. Farm Journal. For Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Agricultural Journalism.
Gordon M. Cairns, Dean Emeritus, College of Agriculture, University of Maryland. For Outstanding Contributions and dedicated services to the advancement and promotion of agriculture.
Lloyd Partain, Conservationist. For Distinguished Service to Agriculture and Conservation.
Norman J. Smith, Cumberland County Agent and Professor, Rutgers University. For Innovative Teaching, Research, and Extension in Vegetable Production and Marketing.
CWilliam H. White. For contributions to the fields of turf management and urban agriculture.
Maurice K. Goddard. Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources. For Distinguished Service to Pennsylvania in the field of Forest, Soil and Water Conservation.

W. Beverly Murphy, former CEO Campbell Soup Company. For your leadership and service to the food industry, your country, and to the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture.

Richard C. Waybright, Mason Dixon Farms. For your lifelong dedication to the field of agriculture.

Stuart G. Younkin. Former Vice-President and Director of Research, Campbell Soup Company. For your outstanding work in agricultural sciences and related fields.

[John] Deere & Company. For outstanding service to agriculture.
Ralph E. Bartholomew. Innovative original Principal of Walter Biddle Saul School of Agricultural Science and so much more to the Society.
Leon Hocking Wilkinson​ – Keeper of the Land​, Wilkinson Country Dairy Farmer, Creative Developer, Water, Waste, Open Space Government Zoning Advisor-Counselor-Leader.
Walter W. Michener. Founder of The Michener Company, producers of perceptive advertising for agriculture. Valued leader and Advisor to the Society.
Erdenheim Farm, Lafayette Hill, PA. Development and maintenance of quality livestock. Fitz Eugene Dixon, Owner; Marlyn Stroh, Farm Superintendent.
Stuart G. Younkin. For developing the Society’​s website. In appreciation.
Sones Farm & Home Museum, Muncy, PA. For preserving Pennsylvania’s heritage.

Team Barbaro: Edgar Prado, jockey; Michael Matz, trainer; Peter Brett, assistant trainer; Dr. Dean Richardson & Staff, Department of Clinical Studies, New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania; Gretchen and Roy Jackson, owners. For working so devotedly to try to save the Champion, while calling the attention of a world-wide audience to the care and concern of equine professionals.


Walnridge Farm, owned by David A. Meirs II and Richard S. Meirs. For contributions in the breeding of Standardbred horses.

Bend-in-the-Creek Farm, owned by Gary A. and Sandra Sojka. For research and care of endangered species of sheep and chickens.

The Company Farm, owned by Fred S, and Barbara Winter. For the development of the gardens containing a large collection of Rhododendrons and other rare specimen plants.


Russell Redding ,PA Secretary of Agriculture in recognition of the commitment and integrity brought to Pennsylvania agriculture. His steady hand of leadership, immense ability effect change, and commitment to solving problems makes him a rare leader in an industry that impacts each and every citizen.

Thomas Vilsak, US Secretary of Agriculture for tireless and effective efforts to strengthen U.S. agriculture, agricultural research, the rural economy, food and energy security, food safety, better nutrition programs for people at risk, and for promoting the importance of U.S. agriculture  every day in every way.

MeeCee Baker, PhD: First female president National Association of Agricultural Educators, Leader of Agricultural Education in the PA Department of Agriculture. Her name is synonymous with agricultural and rural issues in Pennsylvania.
The PSPA honors Dr. Bettsy Mosimann with this medal for her many achievements including writing the Society’s history, championing trade show attendance, preserving our historical portraits, and safekeeping and digitizing our archives at the University of Pennsylvania.
The PSPA honors Kerry Golden. As Executive Director of the PA House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, Kerry has researched, analyzed, and summarized over 1500 bills impacting agricultural policy and the resulting agricultural economy.
The PSPA recognizes Duncan Allison for his outstanding contribution to promoting Agriculture in the Delaware Valley over many decades.