Welcome to the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture.

Those who are members of the Society participate in its work for many reasons which are related to its mission statement.  “Promoting knowledge exchange continually since 1785 to further the understanding and appreciation of agriculture – historical, current, and future – is the mission of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture”.

We are intensively interested the legacy of the Society, providing researchers with opportunities to use the archives of the Society hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Library and sharing the history of the organization with scholars and the general public alike.  We fully support the entities that flow students into the pipelines that lead to high-priority careers in the agriculture and food industry.  We encourage thinking about agriculture as part of the larger context of a food system as a way of understanding its component parts.  We strive to understand new technology.

I encourage you to get involved not only in the monthly presentations but also with the myriad of committees and working groups that are part of the Society structure.

Please call on me if I can help get you involved at the level you wish.


Emory Dabney



Emory Dabney is founder and President of Toro Trading and Imports based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has over 12 years of experience importing raw food commodities from the Caribbean, and South America. Emory specializes in developing supply chains in regions of the Caribbean where exporting seafood and produce have been underdeveloped. By giving farmers and fisherman access to larger markets to sell their products, Emory builds supply chains from scratch.

Mr. Dabney’s expertise has allowed Toro Trading to become one of the first companies to export large scale produce and seafood from the Winward island region of the Caribbean. Mr. Dabney has recently been elected inspector of elections in Philadelphia’s 52nd Ward, is a member of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting Agriculture (PSPA) and is involved in many charities in his hometown of Philadelphia.

Emory has his bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University, a certificate in Supply Chain management and is a candidate for a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Food Marketing.