Hotchkiss Elected President at PSPA Annual Meeting

Hotchkiss Elected President at PSPA Annual Meeting

In addition to the business of a regular monthly Executive Committee, all members were invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the PSPA on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.  Attendees approved the Minutes from March 31, 2023, the monthly Financial Report, and the reports of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Additionally, the Nominating Committee presented its report nominating Officers while incoming President Arland Hotchkiss approved the nominations for Committee chairs.  The ballot was closed and the report accepted with the Secretary being instructed to close the ballot and elect the nominees.  They include…

  • President: Arland Hotchkiss
  • Immediate Past President: Emory Dabney
  • President Elect: Pam Hicks
  • 1st Vice President: Jessica McAtamney
  • 2nd Vice President: Josh Scheinberg
  • 3rd Vice President: Michael Fidanza
  • Secretary: Scott Sheely
  • Assistant Secretary: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Michael Nolan
  • Assistant Treasurer: Vacant

The following Chairs of Committees  were appointed:

  • Chair, Membership: Emory Dabney
  • Chair, Activities: Arland Hotchkiss, Pam Hicks
  • Chair, Education: Carl Brown
  • Chair, Historical and Library: Michael McGrath
  • Chair, Finance and Investments: Vacant
  • Chair, Communications:  Lizzie Bailey
  • Chair, Contract Review: Penny Hunt
  • At-Large, Religious: Hubert Jicha
  • At-Large, Awards: Mark Haskins

Incoming President Hotchkiss thanked the members for his election and encouraged them to get involved in the work of PSPA.  He also reviewed the monthly program schedule from September 2023 through June 2024, now available on the website and soon to be published in hard copy.

Those who attended also approved a budget for PSPA for 2023-2024 as well as removing inactive members from the rolls of the organization.