Farming Notes for August

Our past president, Duncan Allison, again provides insights into the latest in agricultural advances.   FARMING NOTES AUGUST 2016 Advantages of scale – A recent USDA ERS report makes it clear that the average size of cropland farms has been … Continued

National Ag Library – July

Given the Society’s special interest in library collections due to our association with the University of Pennsylvania, our members may be interested in special displays available at the National Agricultural Library during the month of July. You can access the webpage … Continued

Farming Notes by Duncan Allison

Past president, Duncan Allison, again illuminates the ag issues – near and far. FARMING NOTES – NOVEMBER 2015 Agriculture continues to be a key driver of the US economy, providing $2 trillion in revenue annually and employing 19 million people. … Continued

NJ Ag Education Thrives

New Society member, Nancy Trivette, New Jersey Department of Agriculture Education Program Leader, is quoted in a recent piece extolling the growth and vitality of ag education in New Jersey schools. “Agricultural education in New Jersey is growing,” commented Trivette.  But there’s … Continued

Ag Careers Front & Center – Canada!

Throughout the world career opportunities in agriculture and food systems are expanding.  This means that many ag interests are promoting ag careers to young people.  Across the border in Canada national agriculture interests are spreading the word there too. Read … Continued

Greenhouses in Manhattan Schools – Yes, Really!

PSPA member, Darryl Biery, suggested this excellent PBS video concerning an innovative learning approach.  Eventually, 100 schools in Manhattan are slated to have greenhouses where, using agriculture, kids will be learning with hands-on projects. Here’s the video:  Greenhouses in Schools