Ag Progress Days Tours Feature Science

(UNIVERSITY PARK, PA ) Visitors at Penn State’s Ag Progress Days, Aug. 15-17, likely will spend most of their time taking in the wide variety of demonstrations, commercial and educational exhibits, presentations and other activities around the 135-acre expo. But … Continued

Farming Notes – January 2017 [Duncan Allison]

Trends – At the beginning of a new year I’m starting with an attempt at listing some of the more significant trends in agriculture. My trends focus mainly on crops as I am much less familiar with livestock but many … Continued

Farming Notes for August

Our past president, Duncan Allison, again provides insights into the latest in agricultural advances.   FARMING NOTES AUGUST 2016 Advantages of scale – A recent USDA ERS report makes it clear that the average size of cropland farms has been … Continued

National Ag Library – July

Given the Society’s special interest in library collections due to our association with the University of Pennsylvania, our members may be interested in special displays available at the National Agricultural Library during the month of July. You can access the webpage … Continued

Dick Waybright, Past President, Passes

All of us at the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of our own. Dick Waybright was a giant in Pennsylvania agriculture; long-term member and past president of the Society. A … Continued

Ag Tech Investment Way Up Worldwide! reports on the latest figures for worldwide investment in ag.  Agricultural technology is a significant area of this growth.  Read the full story here:  Ag Investment    

Jim Bobb to Present the Secret Life of Bees!

The Amazing Honey Bee Join us for an edifying and entertaining program on honey bees. Jim Bobb will reveal the life of the Italian honey bee. First, we will look at the female bees and discuss why the women in … Continued

Farming Notes by Duncan Allison

Past president, Duncan Allison, again illuminates the ag issues – near and far. FARMING NOTES – NOVEMBER 2015 Agriculture continues to be a key driver of the US economy, providing $2 trillion in revenue annually and employing 19 million people. … Continued

Farming Notes – October 2015

                  Our past president, Duncan Allison, continues his series of enlightening articles on a variety of current ag topics.  Enjoy! FARMING NOTES – OCTOBER 2015 Science, Scale, Mechanization and New Technology – … Continued

New Holland Helping African Agriculture

The Society visited the New Holland plant on a recent field trip.  Of interest is the company’s engagement in Africa.  The latest is here:  New Holland in Africa