Standard Operating Procedures

  1. Election of officers is held at the annual business meeting during April’s monthly meeting.
  2. Officers are to include President, President-Elect, three Vice Presidents, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.
  3. The term of office for Officers and Committee members is July 1 to June 30.
  4. All Committee chairs and committee members are appointed by the President-Elect for the year when President-Elect is serving as President.
  5. Any officer vacancy that occurs during a term of office shall be filled by holding a new election at a stated meeting of the Society. The newly elected officer shall serve the balance of the unexpired term.

Standard Operating Procedures: PSPA Executive Committee

  1. The executive committee consists of the Officers (President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, immediate Past President and Chairs of permanent Committees.
  2. The President shall act as Chair of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the President, the President-elect shall preside.
  3. The Executive Committee should meet at the discretion of the President.
  4. The President may invite Chairs of temporary committees and other persons (e.g. past presidents) to attend the Executive Committee meetings, but they shall not be eligible to vote.

Duties of President

  1. Call and preside over all meetings of the Executive Board and luncheon-speaker meetings and shall have power to call special meetings.
  2. Ex-officio member of all committees and should be included in all correspondence and meetings.
  3. Chair the year’s Activity Committee (responsible for all programs during year of office)
    a.  In coordination with the Secretary and other members of the Activity Committee finalize all monthly programs by July after taking office.
    b.  In coordination with the Secretary and other members of the Activities Committee, visit and finalize arrangements for Fall and/or Spring field trips.
    c.  Provide an updated committee report at each executive committee meeting.
  4. Upon taking office, designate members for all committees and charge each committee with its respective duties for one year. Submit all committee memberships to the Secretary.
    a.  Advise all Committee Chairs that a report is due at each executive board meeting.
  5. Formulate, in co-ordination with the secretary, all meeting agendas.
  6. Direct proposals from PSPA members and other correspondence to the appropriate committee or officer.
  7. Copy the Secretary and President-elect on all correspondence (preferably via email).
  8. At least 60 days before the Annual business meeting, appoint a Nominating Committee of three members comprised of the immediate past president as chair with two others to be appointed by the President in consultation with the Secretary and incoming President. The names of the nominees shall be included in the notice of the Annual Meeting sent to all members of the Society by the Secretary.
  9. Luncheon meeting responsibilities in order are:
    a.  host speaker at head table.
    b.  call for a blessing.
    c.  ask members to introduce their guests.
    d.  ask Chair of Membership Committee for a report if there is a vote needed for approval of proposed new members who have been approved by the Executive Committee.
    e.  introduce new members in attendance and in conjunction with Chair of Membership Committee, present them with their certificate and a copy of the Society’s history.
    f.  introduce the speaker and at conclusion of the talk, present a copy of the Society’s history to the speaker as a thank you.
  10. At end of June meeting turn over the Presidency to the President-Elect.

Duties of President-Elect
The President-Elect serves the PSPA as requested by the President and is an ex-officio member of all committees. He/she should maintain close correspondence with the President and other Officers throughout their term and be included in correspondence.

Specific duties by the June 1 deadline prior to assuming office of President include:

  1. Chair of activities Committee for all programs during year when President
    a.  Invite meeting speakers using PSPA financial  and other guidelines and templates
    b.  Copy the Secretary on all correspondence to and from potential and confirmed speakers including 1) complete speaker contact information, 2) short biographical sketch of speaker and 3) speaker’s topic and short summary of his/her presentation.
  2. Appoint all committee chairs and committee members for the year as President
  3. Review and revise all committee charges and procedures for accuracy, duplications, and omissions. Revisions should be approved by the PSPA Executive Committee and sent to the Secretary in MS Word format for electronic filing, including the website.
  4. Serve as President’s substitute at luncheon meetings when President cannot attend.

Duties of Secretary

  1. Maintain an updated electronic copy of members
  2. Write the minutes for each executive committee meeting for distribution to members.
  3. Copy the President and President-elect on all correspondence
  4. Distribute meeting notices and other matters (e.g. proposed new members, information, etc)
  5. In conjunction with President, prepare the agenda for each Executive committee member
  6. Serve as contact for organizations/individuals with regard to PSPA related business.
    a.  Contact each speaker prior to the meeting to ask for AV needs and provide directions
  7. The Secretary is an ex-officio member of all committees and should be included in all correspondence.
  8. Prepare new member certificates for President’s presentation
  9. Prepare annual membership booklet with biographical information
  10. Maintain the inventory of PSPA history books for presentation by the President to new members and guest speakers

Duties of Assistant Secretary

  1. Shall perform such duties as assigned by the Secretary of the society.
  2. In the absence of the Secretary, write the minutes for the Executive Committee meetings for distribution to members.

Duties of Treasurer

  1. The Chief Financial Officer for PSPA approves, handles and processes all financial transactions that deal with PSPA business.
  2. Manage and report monthly the Society’s Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable by e-mail and at each executive board meeting.
  3. Collect member dues
  4. File applicable federal and state income forms and audit requirements
  5. Make proposals regarding dues & fees to the PSPA Executive Committee.
  6. Maintain and produce name tags for members and guests at each meeting.
  7. Prepare past budget information and offer suggestions for a new yearly budget to be discussed by the Budget Committee and presented to the Executive Board at the March meeting.

Duties of Assistant Treasurer

  1. Shall perform such duties as assigned by the Treasurer of the society.

Duties of Immediate Past President

  1. Serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee for the next year’s officers.
  2. a. The nomination committee of three is comprised of the immediate past president with two others to be appointed by the President in consultation with the Secretary and incoming President. Report due at March Executive Committee meeting.

  3. Assist the President, as requested

This report was approved by The PSPA Executive Committee on October 6, 2011.