June Farming Notes

FARMING NOTES – JUNE 2015 The case for intensive agriculture – A recent article by Ted Nordhaus, based on a June 3rd speech at the Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy Symposium, made the case for decoupling the intensification of … Continued

Society Visits Port and Market

Welcome to the Future of Fresh. This is an appropriate introduction to Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. There has been a wholesale market in Philadelphia for 300 years but the new market completed in June 2011 is the largest, fully-refrigerated wholesale … Continued

Climate Change – Simplified!

So you’ve been wondering what to recommend to your open-minded friends who want a readable but authoritative introduction to climate change, one which answers their key questions. Look no further! The US National Academy of Sciences and the U.K. Royal … Continued

Ag Careers Front & Center – Canada!

Throughout the world career opportunities in agriculture and food systems are expanding.  This means that many ag interests are promoting ag careers to young people.  Across the border in Canada national agriculture interests are spreading the word there too. Read … Continued

Buffett Investing Billions in Global Food Security

With the release of his new book, Howard Buffett unveils his $3 billion effort to increase global food security. Titled “40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World”, Buffet and his family tell the story of their efforts to help provide … Continued

How has world agriculture changed over the last decade?

Interesting article which reviews the past ten years in world agriculture.  From the perspective of predictions made in 2004! Click here to read:  How has world agriculture changed over the last decade? – Newsroom – Ag Professional.