Farming Notes – Last of the Year!

FARMING NOTES – DECEMBER 2015 by Duncan Allison, past president (PSPA) Christmas provides a wonderful opportunity for families to be together and sit round a table and enjoy seasonal food. This usually signals our family’s roots in Germany, Italy, Sweden, … Continued

Farming Notes by Duncan Allison

Past president, Duncan Allison, again illuminates the ag issues – near and far. FARMING NOTES – NOVEMBER 2015 Agriculture continues to be a key driver of the US economy, providing $2 trillion in revenue annually and employing 19 million people. … Continued

Farming Notes – October 2015

                  Our past president, Duncan Allison, continues his series of enlightening articles on a variety of current ag topics.  Enjoy! FARMING NOTES – OCTOBER 2015 Science, Scale, Mechanization and New Technology – … Continued

Ocean Aquaculture

In the past the Society has explored aquaculture as one answer to a sustainable food supply.  We sponsored one of our field trips to a fish farm operation in Delaware.  In this YouTube program featuring one of the Ted talks, and … Continued

Harvest On Henry Farm Festival (Saul H.S.)

Saturday, October 17, 2015 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm It’s the 5th Annual HARVEST ON HENRY FARM FESTIVAL at Henry Got Crops! Visit the farm for a very special afternoon of fun for the whole family, live music and great food.  The beautiful grounds of the 2.5-acre farm … Continued

Urban Farm Feeds the Soul

Urban farmer, Will Allen, of Milwaukee, looks to feed more than the bodies of the kids who come to his farm. Growing and sharing is what the farm is all about as it feeds some 10,000 people. Allen, who uses … Continued

Rooftop Farming – New Wave!

Member Bettsy Mosimann ran across this article in the New York Times and heartily suggested it for our members. NYT Article on Rooftop Farming

Don’t Miss Lash’s Presentation

Family farms are the foundation of U.S. agriculture. This has been confirmed by the 2012 Census which found that 97% of all farms are family owned. 88% of U.S. farms are small farmer farms as defined by the USDA so … Continued

New/Old Ideas on Tillage Stir Debate

PSPA member, Bettsy Mosimann, again spotted an interesting article in the New York Times.  While no-till/minimum tillage has been around awhile, new emphasis on building soil health has again captured some attention and stirred debate. Check out the full article, click … Continued