Jim Bobb to Present the Secret Life of Bees!

The Amazing Honey Bee Join us for an edifying and entertaining program on honey bees. Jim Bobb will reveal the life of the Italian honey bee. First, we will look at the female bees and discuss why the women in … Continued

Winnie Working to Save His Honey

Winnie the Pooh has been enlisted in the effort to save honeybees – crucial to agriculture. A British campaign looks to get kids educated on local honey and efforts to save the bees. And what better way than to join … Continued

June Farming Notes

Our president, Duncan Allison, continues his series of insights into the national and world ag scene.              FARMING NOTES – JUNE 2014           DAA 6/25/2014 Agriculture and food waste – careless abundance. We are wasting between 31% (USDA) and 40% (NRDC) of … Continued